“There is no greater feeling than leaving a project knowing that you have been a part of helping to change people’s lives for the better. Or the environment for that matter!” ~ Barbara Scott on volunteering
Barbara Scott has been volunteering with Chicago Cares since 2002, helping Chicago Cares live out its mission of service to Chicago communities and families through her service at multiple programs in a variety of issue areas. Her first project was at Kilbourn Park, the Chicago Park Districts’ only organic greenhouse. After years of volunteering, Barbara made a commitment to be a leader for Chicago Cares. Today, Barbara is a team coordinator at Beaubien Woods, a forest preserve restoration project, and a back-up team coordinator for Job Coaching at Open Door Shelter, a turn-a-round shelter for runaway youth.

When asked what her favorite project is, Barbara told us it was difficult to choose! “It is hard to pick a favorite; there have been so many wonderful moments in all of them, but, if I had to pick one it would be Beaubien Woods.” Barbara shared a story about a memorable experience at her favorite site, telling us, “during a break at Beaubien Woods, Laurel, the site steward, told us a little song of how to tell the different Oak species apart.  A couple of months later, some of the same volunteers were back and when someone asked how to tell what the different Oak trees look like – they broke into song!  Laurel was so surprised and happy that they had remembered!”

Barbara’s dedication and hard work has created an exciting environment to serve and volunteer within. “Barbara has an incredibly sunny disposition and is very friendly with volunteers. She has a way of getting the most reserved volunteer into a project and working,” says Dan Alberti, a Chicago Cares staff member. Her energy and passion for service help Chicago Cares play a vital role in the community.

Volunteers like Barbara help Chicago Cares make a profound impact. On behalf of all the staff at Chicago Cares, THANK YOU Barbara for your dedication to service and to the programs you love.