Expand Your Experience
Ever wonder what other leaders are doing? Are you an environmental program leader with a secret desire to lead a children’s program? Do you want to learn more about neighborhoods and issue areas? If you’re looking for ways to expand your leadership experience with Chicago Cares, look no further!
SEASONAL Trainings
Fall is an exciting time for the children’s education and development department of Chicago Cares. With 18 project sites and many new programs, new curriculum, and planned special events, now is the time to take another look at Children’s Education. A seasonal training is being offered to ANY leader that would like to learn more about the Children’s Education and Development department and what it means to be a leader for children’s programs. Please refer to our leader calendar for dates and details.

LEARN Something NEW

The University of Chicago’s Urban Education Institute is offering free open forum and public discussion sessions on a variety of topics including education, poverty, and community engagement. These are available to any and all Chicago Cares leaders. Visit the link above for more information and sign up for these educational opportunities.
Chicago Cares strives to provide quality, engaging opportunities for you to grow as a leader in your service work. These are just a few ways to expand your experience at Chicago Cares. If you would like more information on available trainings, educational opportunities, or others way to lead at Chicago Cares, contact Regan Bertke at rbertke@chicagocares.org.