Completing service hours had been requirement for Christine in high school and it wasn’t until after participating in the Chicago Cares Serve-a-thon that she realized how much fun and purpose-filled volunteering could be. “Volunteering makes me appreciate what I have and gives me the opportunity to meet new people,” says Christine. She now volunteers with Chicago Cares and the Susan G Koman Breast Cancer 3-day regularly.

Christine particularly enjoys leading one-time large scale projects through the Business Shares program. “It’s amazing to see the amount of work that can get done in a single day if you just have people to do it.” She likes the ease and organization of Chicago Cares’ projects, “It’s easy to search online to find the perfect opportunity,” she says.  “It lets me do something I love without having to do a ton of work to prepare for it.”

Christine also enjoys projects that get children from the school community involved; it’s a powerful experience to see the corporate volunteers and youth work together towards a common purpose and goal.  One of her favorite moments was at a Business Shares project in her home town of Melrose Park, watching volunteers mentor and guide students in their work. The excitement of the youth and the dedication of the volunteers are what keep her coming back to lead time and time again.  She hopes that the kids at her projects will grow to love volunteering and act on service like she does.

“It is not hard to be inspired to continue to volunteer after seeing children’s reactions when they see a newly painted mural in their lunchroom or see the look on their face when they realize that those people are there to work on their school because they care, not because someone is paying them.”
~Christine Pellini

Thank you, Christine, for all that you do with Chicago Cares Business Shares! You are a true inspiration to children, volunteers, leaders, and the Chicago Cares staff!