Our Business Shares is in full force this season, providing excellent opportunities for our seasoned PSMs to practice their leadership skills, but we’re still gearing up for the Celebration of Service in January 2011. Our Celebration of Service (in Honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.) is the perfect opportunity for leaders from all walks of the Chicago Cares community to get involved and make a difference in one service day across our city. Projects will include opportunities to serve with seniors, children’s education programs, adults with disabilities and facilities rehabilitation.

How can you prepare as a leader for this event? It is never too soon to start spreading the word to your volunteers about the many ways in which they can become involved. Leaders can also recruit friends, family or fellow leaders to start a Project Site Manager team and serve together for this event. Our greatest resource for recruitment is through our leaders and their close relationships with volunteers. We appreciate your efforts in spreading the word and excitement about this excellent event.