Dena Hicks may have had her first volunteer experience with Chicago Cares in 2001, but it was hardly her first brush with service. Dena’s family instilled the importance of volunteerism and the act of giving back at a very young age. Those lessons have inspired Dena to work with the community.

“I believe it is important to take an active role in our community to keep our neighborhoods strong, enjoyable places to live.” ~Dena Hick

Dena took her volunteering experience to the next level in 2006 when she agreed to be a team coordinator for a children’s education program with Chicago Cares. Although Dena has volunteered with many different issue areas, she feels a special calling to children’s programs. “I really enjoy watching the kids get excited about the new things they are learning. It’s rewarding to see their imaginations process these new tools and get excited about what they can do with all that new knowledge,” says Dena.

In the past few years Dena has taken her volunteering another step further, assisting with refining curriculum for the Children’s Education and Development department’s programs. Her expertise has been a huge help, especially with programs like Just Click Here. In addition to her work with children’s programs, Dena is also a member of the Chicago Cares leadership council. Her dedication to Chicago Cares and service is a true inspiration.
On behalf of the Chicago Cares staff, we would like to say “THANK YOU Dena!” for all your hard work, dedication and inspiration. Your leadership and awareness for service are an inspiration for so