It may be hard to believe, but January will be here before we know it. Please consider leading a project at the 2011 Celebration of Service on January 15th

What does it mean to be a Chicago Cares Leader for Celebration of Service?  You will be trained to lead a small group of volunteers (encourage your friends and family to BE those volunteers!) as they take part in one of our various projects to brighten the lives of children, seniors or adults with disabilities. Volunteer opportunities can range from throwing a birthday party for Dr. King to creating hope quilts or spending time with seniors. There are many projects for everyone to participate in! 

In 2010 over 3,300 volunteers and leaders served more than 40 agencies and schools across Chicago during Celebration of Service.  Each project is uniquely rewarding and reminds us that we can all make a difference—even in just one day. We hope you will join us on January 15th