Every time I am asked the question, “Which school is your favorite to work with?” I immediately know the answer: Hinton Elementary. Hinton is one of my favorite schools to work with because the students are excited to learn alongside the volunteers and the activities completed have a huge impact in students’ lives.

Saturday mornings at Hinton elementary are special, with students being able to choose from four Chicago Cares education programs: History Hunters, Students on Stage, Read-with-Me, or School News.  This enables the students to explore topics that they do not have the time to investigate during the regular school day. These programs also represent a space for creativity as well as promote a way for students to develop critical social skills, both which provide support for academic achievement.

For me, participating alongside the 3rd through 8th graders at Hinton Elementary School is a relaxing way to spend a Saturday morning. I am always greeted with big, smiling faces from the students, who are energetically eager to participate in the day’s activity.

What I like the most about participating in the programs at Hinton is that there is something for all of the volunteers to choose from, depending on their own personal interests. And, the big, smiling faces that the students have at the close of each Saturday program make me count down the days on my calendar until the next project.