Volunteering with Chicago Cares became a lot more exciting in February 2009 when Lexi Tarnow joined our organization. Lexi started volunteering at a variety of ongoing hunger and health programs and quickly transitioned into a leadership role within her first six months. Since then, we’ve heard that every project with Lexi is like a party!  She is passionate about the work that happens at her projects and makes sure everyone knows how important their role is in the process.
Lexi shared some information with us about her program ‘Shopping on Broadway’:
This project is very unique in its set-up, but not in its mission.  Like many projects within Chicago Cares, even though we volunteers are often behind the scenes, what we have accomplished does not go unnoticed.  With each list we check, and each shopping cart we fill up, we are essentially getting our clients food that will sustain them and their families for the coming days and weeks.  Nothing is better than realizing that!  [Shopping on Broadway] and many [Chicago Cares] projects can be summed up by this quote: ‘No one is more cherished in this world than someone who lightens the burden of another’ (Unknown).”
We also asked Lexi what she enjoys most about her Chicago Cares leadership role. This is what she had to say: “Just one day a month not only helps the clients, but new friendships are also made between all of us which strengthens our community!  An outgoing bunch, we chat and catch up on each others’ lives all while shopping, restocking shelves, and bagging groceries.  That camaraderie is something each of us looks forward to, not to mention what makes my leadership role so fun…and easy!  This project wouldn’t be nearly as successful without the ‘A Team’!”
Since Lexi’s projects are so popular, we wanted to know what leadership trick she would pass on to others. She said, “If your project allows it…tunes!  Music keeps the energy up and the clients love to sing along (and dance) too!”
Chicago Cares appreciates Lexi’s energy and enthusiasm. You can meet Lexi at ‘Shopping on Broadway’ projects one Saturday each month.