John Nagle is our Leader Spotlight this month. John joined Chicago Cares in 2009 and immediately got involved with our children’s recreation programs. John’s enthusiasm at his projects keeps the volunteers engaged, keeps the kids coming back, and energizes other leaders at his site – Young School. John is currently a leader with Young Sports League and his flexibility is an attribute that has also enabled him to help out with many other programs.
We asked John about his experiences with Chicago Cares projects:
Why do you volunteer at Young Sports League?
“I love teaching the kids sports and trying to be a positive role model for the kids. I have always had this love of sports/coaching and it’s great that Chicago Cares has a program where I can realize this.”

Why do you think others should volunteer at Young Sports League or other programs?

“Because it and other programs are so helpful to the kids [and] people that attend them. I feel like I am being a good role model for the kids. I’m also giving the kids attention that they might not be getting at home. You actually might brighten someone’s day by communicating with them or showing them some attention. If you are a giving outgoing person, Chicago Cares is the place for you!! You can use your personality for people [and] kids that might need your help.”

What do you enjoy most about your Chicago Cares leadership role?

“It’s just connecting with others, whether [it’s through] recruiting/meeting volunteers, playing sports with the kids on their level or bonding with the staff at Young. It’s all about the people that I meet. I love people!!”

What is one leadership technique, tip or trick that you’d like to share with fellow leaders?

“…Be aggressive in your leadership… Also, show the more introverted kids/people more attention… Talk to them and try to include them more. Also, Andrew [another leader] showed me to introduce everyone before we play. I still do this because it makes each kid feel important instead of just coming and playing. Make them feel special!”

We are excited to have John as a member of our leadership team. We thank him for his commitment to Young School and Chicago Cares.