This Saturday,  over 3600 volunteers, who believe that their service keeps Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s dream alive, will arrive, early, at Union Station and leave, late afternoon, knowing they impacted the Community of Chicago.

These volunteers will collectively serve over 1500 children, 400 seniors, and 200 adults living with disabilities.  38 classrooms will be painted.  6 libraries will be cleaned and organized.  73 murals and 130 mosaics will be created.  39 benches and 69 cubicles will be built.  They will accomplish this feat in only 7 short hours.

Friendships will be started.  Memories will be created.  Lives will be changed.

Thank you for everyone that has donated, is, and will be donating their time to make this year’s Celebration of Service a success.

If you are volunteering on Saturday, please tweet about your experiences.  Just add the hashtag: #chicares to your tweet for it to be posted on our Celebration of Service Live Blog.

If you are unable to volunteer this year, you can still be a part of the day’s festivities.  Go to our website, on Saturday,, to read the Live Blog and comment.