Volunteer Leader Courtney McCormick

We’re happy to feature Team Coordinator and Project Site Manager Courtney McCormick is this Leader Spotlight. Join Courtney and hundreds of other leaders by considering one of our open volunteer leader positions.

After moving to Chicago in 2007, Courtney McCormick and her son were soon homesick for the community service projects they left behind at their old home.  She told a coworker about her desire to get involved in her new community, was introduced to Chicago Cares, and has been volunteering ever since.

Courtney serves as a volunteer leader for our Eco-Art program at Humboldt Park Social Services.  As someone who has long been a proponent of an eco-friendly lifestyle, this program seems to fit her perfectly.  “I began volunteering with the Eco-Art program because I love finding a creative way to repurpose materials,” she says, “Rather than sending it to a landfill, we can turn it into a work of art.”

Just as rewarding as the work that she does are the relationships with children Courtney meets at her projects on a regular basis.

“The children at Humboldt Park Social Services are amazing,” Courtney says, “They are enthusiastic about our projects and extremely talented.  In addition to our art, the group is usually singing and dancing by the end of the evening.  Our events are always lots of fun.”

Having a strong and personable leader like Courtney has a significant positive effect on the learning and well-being of the children who attend the program, but so does the space they occupy.  Chicago Cares is proud to offer many programs and events that work to address both a facilities and an interactive approach to bettering our community.  Courtney, who is no stranger to facilities projects either, has been involved in the Annual Chicago Cares Serve-a-thon and had this to say about it:

“The Serve-a-thon, for example, is a large one day endeavor to revitalize many Chicago Public Schools through painting, organizing libraries, and landscaping.  [Project] site managers will be needed for this big day!  Sign up!  Get involved!”

There are many reasons we volunteer.  Courtney says she loves to volunteer because, “Community is important to me.  We all have something to learn and share and give.  Volunteering allows me to meet new people and experience new adventures, often within my own backyard.”

If you feel the same way, and are looking for a way to get involved, why not sign up to lead a project for Serve-a-thon?  With 6,000 volunteers, it’s the city’s largest day of service, and a great way to experience that community feeling all while making an important difference for students at Chicago Public Schools.  And there’s a bonus: an exclusive leader tent at the post-event party!

We’re looking forward to seeing both you and Courtney at our ongoing programs and Serve-a-thon this June.  And thanks so much for all your leadership, Courtney!