Today’s post is from Jessica Krueger, Service Events Coordinator

Being new to the city can be tough. Jumping into volunteer programs can help you meet like-minded people and make a difference in your new community. That’s what happened to Margaret Sharkey, a San Francisco transplant who moved to Chicago three years ago. Back in California, Margaret taught math to at-risk youth. Currently, she works for the University of Chicago, designing applications to help improve math education.

Volunteering is one of Margaret’s favorite ways to spend her time. While looking for volunteer tutoring programs, Margaret came across the opportunity to serve as a muralist with Celebration of Service.

After researching designs and ideas for about a week, Margaret signed up as a muralist and her design, inspired by Dr. King’s message of “Be the peace you wish to see in the world,” was an instant hit with our community partners.

In Margaret’s words,

“There is nothing more rewarding than volunteering your skills for a good cause. VolunteeringMargaret Sharkey's Mural provides opportunities to be creative, work hard, have fun, and share the joy with others! Through volunteering you get to meet and work with incredible people from diverse backgrounds.  That, combined with a great organization like Chicago Cares, and it’s guaranteed to be a wonderful and enriching experience.”

Margaret enjoyed her time volunteering at Celebration of Service so much, that she cannot wait to contribute her talents again during this year’s Serve-a-thon, as a muralist at Holden Elementary School in Bridgeport. If you’re interested in becoming a muralist at this year’s Serve-a-thon, contact Claire Dooms at or call 312.780.0800 ext. 198.

You can still be a part of Chicago’s largest day of service.
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