Weekends in Chicago are a thing to be savored, especially when the sun is shining and the lakefront is calling! As you get ready to enjoy some downtime, here are four ways you can have a great weekend while doing some good.

  1. Be a good neighbor. Weekends are the perfect time to get to know your neighbors! Whether your out working on your yard or getting ready for some summer grilling, most of us like to spend more time outside, which gives us plenty of opportunities to find reasons to chat. And getting to know the neighbors isn’t just about making new friends. According to a recent survey by State Farm, Americans are still helping their neighbors, so the relationships you build now may just be your keys to support if you find yourself in need down the road.
  2. Give someone a break. Do you know a mom who could use a few hours to herself? Or maybe a husband who has been caring for his ailing wife? Carve out a few hours to take on the responsibilities of someone else. Offering to take the kids to a movie, or sit with someone who is recovering from illness could be a huge gift to the caretakers you know. Often just having an hour to get out of the house and grab a coffee is considered a luxury.
  3. Spend some money. Although no one likes to talk about it, every volunteer organization needs a little financial help to continue doing the work of serving others. At Chicago Cares, your donations help us buy school supplies for after school math programs, provide tools to tend community gardens that provide both green space and healthy foods for local shelters, and breakfast supplies to help feed seniors on both a physical and relational level. Think about creative ways to raise money for your favorite organization. Have a poker night with all of the winnings being donated, or help your kids set-up a lemonade stand to give back to your community.
  4. Get out of the house. One of the best things you can do to help you end the weekend on a high note is to go out and volunteer! Studies are continually proving that volunteering not only makes you feel good, it also improves your overall health and mental outlook . At Chicago Cares we do our best to make service simple. Visit our website and browse our calendar to find out about opportunities that fit into your schedule.

Now go out and do some good to make your weekend great!