Chicago Cares Education Programs serve students at public schools throughout the city. Additionally, our Business Shares and Annual Events teams plan projects that provide Chicago Public Schools with facilities beautification and interactive activities for participating sites. Chicago Cares programs and events impact tens of thousands of CPS students every year.

What many may not be aware of, are the 15 partnering non-profit agencies who host Chicago Cares education programs. Partnering non-profit agencies are mission driven organizations serving a variety of communities and issue areas. Working together, we are able to provide additional opportunities and services to more than 250 students each month.

In today’s economy, many non-profits face an uphill battle due to limited budgets and over-extended staff. These organizations are able to reach out to Chicago Cares and find a partner to provide assistance with programming, volunteer recruitment, and facilities assistance.

Agencies such as Chicago Youth Programs, Mercy Housing, St. Joseph Services-San Miguel, and LYDIA; can provide a greater number of high-quality services to their families and students by partnering with Chicago Cares. Simply put, Chicago Cares provides volunteers to help with enrichment and extracurricular activities, but the activities, supplies, and trained leaders also provide some peace of mind that the students will be happily engaged in education-focused, hands-on learning.

Although these sites typically serve a more focused population of students than what is encountered at a school, the impact is still great. Because the sites are often small and the students are consistent, volunteers are really able to make a personal connection with a child or family.

One agency volunteer said, “Wow, how rewarding was that?! I can’t wait for next time.”

It only takes one time of hearing a student greet you with, “hey, you’re back!” to know that you’re making a difference.

Today’s post is from Education Coordinator, Emily Collins.
If you are part of a Chicago area non-profit and would like to find out more about partnering with Chicago Cares, please visit our Community Partner Page.