It’s taken an unusually long time to accept that summer is actually over, especially with the extended sunshine Chicago was able to enjoy in October. But with the chilly, windy weather creeping in on us, there’s no doubt in that fall has arrived in Chicago.

While the change of seasons may have us reaching for our wool coats, it also signals the arrival of some fun, fall holidays to celebrate. Chicago Cares is celebrating in the office with a much-anticipated pumpkin carving contest at the end of the month. Outside the office, we’re celebrating with several special Halloween opportunities happening over the next two weeks.

If you’re looking to do something festive this fall and your trick-or-treating years are long gone, consider joining Chicago Cares at an upcoming Halloween-themed education project. Students at Brunson School on October 20 and students at Young School on October 29 will be participating in a Halloween party with volunteers. Children at LYDIA, a home for children receiving therapeutic care, will also participate in a fall celebration with Chicago Cares.

Projects are filling up quickly, so sign up soon if you are interested. Or, if you’ll be hosting a celebration of your own, check out some of the activities we’ll be doing at these projects.

Halloween Bingo
Paper Plate Jack-o-lanterns
Paper Mache Pumpkins
Tissue Paper Ghosts
Tissue Paper Pumpkins

Children aren’t the only ones having fun with the holidays this fall. Volunteers also have the chance to celebrate with seniors this October at Halloween-Imperial Bingo on October 27, Halloween Extravaganza for Seniors on October 29, and Lakeview Seniors Halloween Party on October 29.

Happy Halloween!

 Today’s post is from Education Coordinator, Martha Renken