Whether you’re a paranormal practitioner, or just someone looking for a bit of Halloween fun; Chicago offers plenty of haunted spots to explore. Today we’re looking at four well-known landmarks across the city that have a reputation with ghost hunters and Chicagoans alike. Of course, since we love our city so much, we also want to offer a few nearby places for you to spread some good vibes through service and help keep the creepy crawlies at bay.

#4. Wrigley Field
We all know the tale of the Billy Goat Curse, but did you know that according to the book, Haunted Baseball, Wrigley Field is the most haunted ballpark in the country! Tales of buried human remains, balls disappearing into the ivy and ghostly figures crossing the field have definitely given some credence to the claim. What would give us nightmares? Security guards who patrol the grounds at night say that they have heard the bullpen phone ringing when nobody else is there!
Good Vibes: Less than a mile to the north you’ll find the calming oasis of Ginkgo Organic Gardens where you can get your hands dirty without having to worry about upsetting the remains of any former Cubs fans.

#3. The Museum of Science and Industry
According to local lore, the museum is haunted by the ghost of the famous Chicago defense attorney, Clarence Darrow, whose remains were scattered in the nearby lagoon. People who have witnessed Mr. Darrow’s spectral-self, believe that they have seen him walking through the museum in a suit, but when you take a second look, he has vanished.
Good Vibes: Just a bit to the west is the Living Room Cafe, a unique spot that serves the homeless and low-income residents of Woodlawn in a fun, restaurant atmosphere.

#2. Jane Addams Hull House
When Jane Addams moved into the Hull House she noted that it had a, “half skeptical reputation for a haunted attic.” Charles Hull’s wife died in the house, as well as a number of other residents throughout the years, so the old mansion is often included on haunted tours around Chicago.
Good Vibes: The nearby Fulton Flower and Vegetable Garden is a great place continue working in the spirit of Jane Addams as you help provide organic produce to shelters and low-income populations in the area.

#1. Resurrection Mary
Of course, Chicago’s favorite ghost story is that of Resurrection Mary. This nearly century-old tale focuses on a young woman who now haunts the stretch of Archer Road where she was left to die after a hit and run in the 1920s. Throughout the years a number of people have claimed to pick up Mary along the side of the road, only to have her disappear once you reach Resurrection Cemetary.
Good Vibes: Pass by Archer Road on your way to serve at the Greater Chicago Food Depository, a distribution center that provides food for over 600 Cook County food pantries.

Have a happy and safe Halloween!