Winston Churchill once said, “We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.” While Churchill’s words were true decades ago, they are still relevant today. Every one of the thousands of motivated and compassionate individuals that volunteer with Chicago Cares is a living example of that giving spirit. Not only does the community benefit through giving, but our volunteers are living a life full of empathy and engagement. Volunteering is crucial to the wellbeing of society, and is at the core of our mission at Chicago Cares. There are many other ways that we can give back, one of the easiest ways is through philanthropy.

Philanthropy literally means “the love of humanity.” It’s about caring for the well-being of our neighbors, developing our community and lending a helping hand to those in need. Like giving your time, choosing to give money is an expression of your values and beliefs. Organizations like Chicago Cares rely on philanthropic individuals to create programs that make a difference in our community.

Every donation, large or small, helps support our programs. Philanthropy is important to us all, and donating money connects us to our community just like volunteering does. Every dollar donated to Chicago Cares impacts our community. We are making meals for the homeless and hungry, providing after school activities to young children, teaching adults computer skills necessary for the workforce, spending time with isolated seniors… this list goes on. For the past four years, Chicago Cares has received the highest fiscal responsibility rating by Charity Navigator – and 86% of the funds we raise go right back into the community.

November 15 is National Philanthropy Day and I plan on giving back to the community, not only through my time, but also with my money. I feel good about donating to causes I believe in, and I believe in the work that Chicago Cares is doing. The impact of my donation will be felt by many Chicagoans across the city who are in need of assistance. I encourage you to take part in National Philanthropy Day and make a donation to Chicago Cares today!

Today’s post is from Development Assistant, Liz Toms.