This holiday season, Chicago Cares volunteers will make sure that hungry people across the city receive a warm meal, young children are nurtured through reading programs, and seniors are able to socialize with members of our community.

These programs would not exist without financial support from caring citizens like you. Donations help make possible the many programs that Chicago Cares creates and manages each month–programs that provide critical support to thousands of people all over Chicago.

That is why this year, we are asking you to make a donation to help support the programs you care about.

Giving money isn’t just about keeping Chicago Cares running. Just like giving your time, donating money is an important expression of your values. By giving to Chicago Cares, you connect to others in a profound way. The act of giving shows that you care about your community, and are willing to make an even deeper commitment.

Donating to Chicago Cares is one of the smartest investments in your community that you can make — Chicago Cares is one of only 9% of nonprofits to receive Charity Navigator’s four-star rating four years in a row, with over 85% of every dollar going directly into our programs.

Donating money is an incredibly personal decision, and one we hope you’ll consider today. Chicago Cares programs make a difference in the lives of Chicago’s most vulnerable, throughout many communities across Chicago. Every dollar given makes a difference, so we need your support.

Make your impact–donate to Chicago Cares today.

“I contribute what’s appropriate for me. One person can make a difference, but collectively, [donating] is powerful.”
– Mary Johnston, Chicago Cares Volunteer, Leader and Donor