With December upon us, it’s officially the season for giving back and giving thanks. It’s been a busy year at Chicago Cares, and amazing work has been done by the staff to support fantastic volunteer opportunities serving thousands across Chicago.

We at Chicago Cares wouldn’t be anywhere without the support of our loved ones, and for that we are grateful. Below are some special thank-you’s from a few staff at Chicago Cares:

“I want to thank my parents for their ongoing support of my Read-with-Me program at Mercy Housing. The site is new, and as I work to increase volunteers at the program I know that I’m guaranteed at least 2 volunteers who are dedicated to the children. They bring happiness and laughter to the program, providing consistency for the program and children of Mercy Home. Thank you!”
-Emily C.

“I have a lot of appreciation for my mom and several friends who have supported my programs by volunteering with me. My friend Abby actually helped me distribute tickets to volunteers for an exhibit at the Museum of Science & Industry during a school field trip. I’m pretty sure the volunteers assumed she worked for Chicago Cares since she was helping direct the volunteers. A huge thanks goes to Abby for helping me stay organized with over 100 tickets and lunches for students and chaperones on the trip.”
-Martha R.

“I want to thank my family for supporting me with my Fresh Market Delivery program at Breakthrough Urban Ministries. This program model is quite different compared to other pantry programs, and while the project is still growing, my families’ assistance has been essential. Their constant help allows us to successfully bag and deliver 52 packages of groceries to the residents of a Chicago Housing Authority Building—thank you for your support!”
-Aly M.

“Thank you to my husband Sean for waking up early in the morning and being a Production Assistant for Celebration of Service and Serve-a-thon. Your knowledge of the check in process and bus labeling has been extremely helpful. Thank you for supporting the work that I do.”
-Wendy N.

“Yolanda Davis, Marcellous Williams, and Rhonda SanDiego; You didn’t have to, but you did. Thank you for making what is important to me important to you, too. Whether I called you last-minute or you had months to plan, Chicago Cares could not be the mission-driven organization that we are without wonderful friends and family like you. Love you and happy holidays!”
-Elise C.

“I really appreciate that my family is so willing to pitch in and volunteer when I need them to. My dad comes to almost every project that I lead or go to. He loves to volunteer and loves having some quality time with me. I also think he secretly enjoys gossiping with the seniors as well. My brother hasn’t come to as many projects as my dad has but when he does come, he always has fun and is willing to lend a helping hand. There have been some projects that I’ve lead that literally would not have happened without my brother and dad. Thank you guys for volunteering on those cold Thursday nights to help feed 40+ seniors when nobody else could make it. Thank you guys for doing that craft with that one resident that nobody was working with. And lastly, thank you for helping that one leader relax and enjoy the project when all she wanted to do was have a nervous breakdown because nothing was going right (I’m talking about me). My family is the BEST!”
-Rosie D.

Whether it’s volunteering at programs and annual events, helping at our social events, or simply being patient with our crazy work schedules, your support is essential to our work. Thank you!