One of our New Year’s Resolutions is to spend more time sharing the stories of all the amazing people who make the work that we do possible. To keep that goal, we’re starting a new monthly blog series in which we will recognize one of our outstanding Chicago Cares Leaders.

Your Chicago Cares Leader of the Month for January is Heather Bosley. Heather currently works at newswire as an account manager. As a volunteer, she has led projects at food pantries and senior housing facilities. Heather is the leader for Senior Breakfast Club at Lidia Pucinska Senior Apartments for the Youth in Service department. When she noticed that some of the bingo boards were falling apart, she offered to make more and donate them! This is just one example of Heather’s engaged style of leadership. She is dependable, responsive to emails and phone calls, and gives fantastic feedback after projects.

Chicago Cares: So Heather, how long have you been a leader with Chicago Cares?

Heather: I have been a volunteer with CC for two years and a Youth in Service (YIS) leader for one year.

Chicago Cares: Many people will wonder how you stay engaged in volunteering with your busy schedule. Can you share why you volunteer?

Heather: I firmly believe that, as a member of a community, we all have a responsibility to give back in some manner and to try to have a positive impact on those around us to better our communities. I am blessed to have life’s basic necessities – I would only hope if I was in a position of need, there would be people willing to help me as well. I really like the YIS program because I have an opportunity to (try to) inspire youth to continue a life of service, but also help and build relationships with deserving clients at the site.

Chicago Cares: Heather, we really appreciate that someone as busy as you makes the time to not only volunteer but also to lead projects.

Heather: Thank you. I really enjoy it.

Chicago Cares: We have many volunteers who are interested in leading projects. What advice would you share with others interested in becoming volunteer leaders?

Heather: It is a small time commitment, in my opinion, and you don’t need a lot of experience to do it. Chicago Cares has a great support system for leaders, so you’re not alone in making sure your project is a success.

Chicago Cares: Thanks again for your time and congratulations on becoming January’s Leader of the Month!

Heather: (smiling) Thank you, it is nice to be recognized.

If you are interested in learning more about leading youth projects like Heather, contact Joyce Cruz or sign up to attend our Youth in Service Leader Training on Thursday, January 26.