One of the most common questions we get asked after big events like Celebration of Service is, “How do you do it?”

With a staff of just under 40, it quickly becomes clear that we aren’t doing it on our own. Yes, we do have a dedicated staff who are willing to put in long hours to support the programs that we believe in. But we also have a secret weapon: Production Assistants!

Production Assistants are volunteers who agree to start the day extra early and take care of all the behind the scenes work that large events like Celebration of Service require. They help at the kick-off and/or wrap-up celebrations on the day of event and help bring together thousands of volunteers for check-in, inspirational ceremonies and more.

You may only see a Production Assistant once during the day, so they can be easy to forget. They may be standing in the snow for hours directing buses, making sure you get your goody bag at check-in or handing you a nice cup of coffee and welcoming you to the event.

For the 2012 Celebration of Service we had nearly 200 Production Assistants ready to serve you at Union Station and supporting our staff in running the event.

It takes a very special person to recognize the importance of serving those who are about to serve. That is why today we want to say, “thank you” to our Production Assistants.

What you do behind the scenes, makes what we do possible!