Whether your busy planning every last detail of a romantic evening with the person you love or actively boycotting the greeting card sentimentality, we’re all aware that Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching.

This Valentine’s Day make your experience about more than flowers or candy; make it about LOVE. The people you love, the causes you care about and the organizations that inspire you are all wonderful things to celebrate! Here are 5 ways that you can spread the love this Valentine’s Day:

Send a Love Letter. Put your thoughts down on paper and tell the people and organizations that you respect how they have inspired you! Encourage them to continue doing their good work and share a story about how they’ve impacted your life directly. If you’re feeling extra romantic, include a donation in the envelope.

Pull out the Glitter. Everyone loves a handmade Valentine, especially those feeling isolated and forgotten. Grab your craft supplies and create simple cards that you can deliver to a local senior home or homeless shelter.

Grab a Coffee. Give a thank-you card to the people who serve you on a daily basis. Show some love to the barista who steams your milk just the way you like it, or to the janitor who keeps your office clean. Remind them that the service they provide is very much appreciated.

Put on Something a Little More Comfortable…and put your gently used work clothes in a donation bag. There are many wonderful organizations that are helping homeless people preparing for job interviews with appropriate clothing.

Spend Some Time Together. Fancy dinners are nice, but they can also be expensive. Find a volunteer project for you and your sweetie and get to know each other while you’re helping others. Attend a project in an area you’re unfamiliar with and ask for suggestions for a neighborhood joint to grab some dinner afterwards. Or, find an opportunity that involves serving dinner to others and enjoy the chance to get to know a new friend over a much appreciated meal.