Have you ever heard of the saying, “Time is money”? Our time is something that is often taken for granted, coveted and stretched. If you’ve ever found yourself on hold for over 30 minutes trying to deal with mistake on a bill, I bet you have thought about how much of your time disappears dealing with life’s basic tasks.

Whenever I hear a statistic on how many hours I will spend in my lifetime on mundane tasks or unhealthy habits, I get really frustrated and depressed.

Managing time is something that many people struggle with, so it is no surprise that there are books, workshops, trainings… a whole industry on time-management.

We all try to find efficient work patterns, new technology and even the occasional infomercial item to simplify our lives and add more time in our schedules. Time IS worth money. There are monetary benefits to our time and often we spend extreme amounts of money just to get a little more time!

If you’re like me, and made a new year’s resolution to make more time for yourself and the people and activities you love, by now you have probably realized how difficult it is to make the switch to better time management. Consider these tips & resources to create more valuable time in your schedule!

Bulk Cooking
You may have to force yourself to eat those leftovers, but on the upside, you won’t use up a lot of time cooking or spend a lot of money eating out at restaurants!

Create a “10 Minute Tasks” List for Those Little Things That Need to Get Done
We talk a lot about honing the perfect to-do list. Sometimes, a second to-do list with those little things you can get done in between tasks is a great way to get things done.

Manage Expectations
Managing expectations with people does take time; however it will save you in time, energy and the frustrations that occur when expectations are not met.

Make a Weekly Cleaning Routine
Creating a cleaning routine can help you keep your house clean without eating up your schedule! Choose one or two tasks to complete each day instead of trying to accomplish everything in one afternoon.

Don’t Sacrifice Your Valuable Time with Multi-tasking
Sometimes we try too hard to multi-task to get through our big ‘to-do’ lists every day, but who is really paying for all this hurrying and scurrying around? Often the state of distraction created by multitasking results in not being truly present or available for the people who matter most.

Volunteering can make you feel good about how your free time is spent and can really make a valuable impact in the community!

Today’s post is from Senior Manager of Education, Alisha Flores.