There are a lot of factors that go into making sure a huge volunteer event like Serve-a-thon is a success. One of the components that we take very seriously is recruiting and training our volunteer leaders.

Our staff spends months doing site visits across the city, testing new project models and gathering supplies for the big day. We build relationships with each school, getting to know their staff and growing to care about individual neighborhoods.

After all of this work comes the most difficult yet also the most exciting part: training volunteers to lead other volunteers in completing this important work. This step of passing the baton to volunteer leaders is where the magic of Serve-a-thon really happens.

Entrusting others with project leadership allows Chicago Cares to expand our reach and have volunteers serving at far more sites than we could ever manage with just our staff. We have also had the privilege of learning new construction skills and management techniques from our many gifted leaders.

This week’s Serve-a-thon video features some of our staff sharing their thoughts on what makes Serve-a-thon leadership such a unique experience and why we think you should consider stepping into a new role this year!