As part of our National Volunteer Week celebration, each department at Chicago Cares has spent some time working on a ‘Thank You Project’ to share with our amazing volunteers. We’ll be highlighting one of these projects with you each day over the next week. Today’s thank you project is from our education team.

Students at Chicago Cares education programs want to thank you for:

… celebrating our hard work this fall by throwing us a Halloween pizza party!
-Young School

… helping us practice all summer for our “Make a Change!” play.
-Chicago House

… coming every Thursday night to help me with my homework.
-Chicago Lights

… working with me every Monday night to help me learn my letters.
-Chicago Youth Programs

… helping me make holiday gifts for my family.
-Humboldt Park Social Services

… teaching me how to cook and encouraging me to try new foods.
-Bethel New Life

… reading with me!
-S.O.S Children’s Villages

… teaching me to express myself through art.
-St. Joseph Services

… teaching me how to play chess!
-Burr Elementary School

… helping me make a Valentine for my mom.
-Rainbow House

…teaching me how to make a derby car and letting us race them down the hallway!
-Fuller Elementary

… letting my family come to cooking classes and try new recipes together.
-Pilsen Community Academy

… all the great books I now have to read at home.
-Brunson Specialty School

… coming every Thursday night and helping me make cool art projects to bring home.
-Mercy Housing

… reading a story one-on-one with me every week.
-House of the Good Shepherd

… helping me make art out of recycled bottles.
-American Indian Center

… teaching me the science of making ice cream from scratch.
-Marillac Center

… discussing articles with me and encouraging me to share my views.

… encouraging me to participate in improv and drama games.
-Brennemann Elementary

… teaching me how to make healthy versions of my favorite foods.
-Sherwood Elementary

… showing me that learning about science is fun.
-McCormick Elementary

… taking us on a field trip for bowling and pizza.
-Henderson Elementary

.. playing basketball with me and teaching me new sports.
-Guggenheim Elementary

Thank you for building safe, creative and fun spaces for Chicago Public School students after school hours! From the Chicago Cares Education Team; Alisha, Emily and Martha.