As part of our National Volunteer Week celebration, each department at Chicago Cares has spent some time working on a ‘Thank You Project’ to share with our amazing volunteers. We’ll be highlighting one of these projects with you each day over the next week. Today’s thank you project is from our Volunteer and Leader Services Team.

The key to our success
rests in people like you,
who embody the spirit of kindness
by saying, “Yes I can, and so can you!”

Thanks for your inspiring dedication and tremendous example to Chicago’s citizens.

Our work isn’t finished, not even by a mile
We are so grateful that we want to give you a smile,
for being there from the start.

Words cannot convey our gratitude for your thoughtful contribution.

With cheer in our hearts
for your service to Chicago’s youth, seniors, adult with disabilities, and gardens,
We thank you with this little poem
as our personal round of applause.

The credit for our good deeds firmly rests with our leaders and volunteers. Thank you!

Thank you so much
for all of your hard work
and to bear witness to your passion
was an unexpected perk.

We never could have asked
for a more dedicated volunteer
and words cannot express
how grateful we are to have you here.

It is a pleasure and a privilege to work with you. Thank you!

From Volunteer & Leader Services Team; Kim, Maura & Adrienne
By Anonymous with help from Volunteer & Leader Services