If you want to make a big impact on the lives of Chicago Public School students, then it’s time to build your team for the Chicago Cares Serve-a-thon!

Whether it’s a small group of friends, a committed band of co-workers or a large team of volunteers from your faith community; Serve-a-thon teams make a real difference in the lives of thousands of students from under-resourced communities throughout Chicago.

A team is any group of 2 to 50 volunteers who want to serve at the same Serve-a-thon site. The Team Captain is the leader of a team. This person sets up the team’s online fundraising page, recruits and communicates with team members, organizes and rallies the team’s fundraising efforts and monitors the team’s progress throughout the event.

When you become a Team Captain, you are serving students in two very important ways:

  1. You are providing more “hands-on-deck” to accomplish ambitious project goals. Serve-a-thon volunteers brightened more than 350 rooms and over 100 common areas, painted 223 inspirational murals and worked on 23 playgrounds in 2011, sending a positive message to the 18,000 children and adults who study, play or receive services in those buildings. We can accomplish even more when you recruit a Serve-a-thon team!
  2. Your team can raise vital funds that support hundreds of ongoing programs, meeting critical needs in Chicago each and every month. Serve-a-thon is our version of a fundraising gala—except that instead of putting on your dancing shoes, we ask that you roll up your sleeves and get to work. Instead of bidding on silent auction items, we ask that you invite your friends and family to support our work by making a donation.

While the task of recruiting a Serve-a-thon team can seem daunting, our promise to you is that you are not alone!

Chicago Cares staff will provide you with our trusted recruiting tips and helpful checklists to keep you organized. We’ll also share information on how you and your team can fundraise like champions!

If you have any questions about becoming a Team Captain, please contact Maura at 312.780.0800 or volunteer@chicagocares.org. We hope to see you at Daley Plaza on June 9!