With just two weeks left until Serve-a-thon registration closes, it’s time to push your team recruitment efforts into high gear! To help you round-out your Serve-a-thon team, we’ve asked some of our most experienced Team Captains to give us their tips and tricks for recruitment.

Remember to invite friends’ spouses/significant others. I got a group of my girlfriends to register, and them told them to invite their boyfriends. Several of them are now joining our team. This was an easy way to get more people to sign-up.

Aside from just emailing your potential team members, I think it’s important to reach out to those you think might be interested in service or volunteering personally, whether it’s face-to-face, a phone call or an individual email. It also gives you an opportunity to learn a bit more about your team members and what types of volunteer opportunities that they are interested in. If they aren’t able to volunteer for Serve-a-thon, they still may be able to volunteer for another Chicago Cares project.

Another tip is to talk about the projects you’ve been involved in so that your team members know what type of impact Chicago Cares programs have and how their participation plays an important role in that impact.

Lastly, in an email communication to your potential team members, list who is already on your team. That might help persuade others to join in on the team building experience.

Just spread the word! When you’re trying to do something for a good cause, don’t be afraid to talk to people and share the message. We went straight to the top and had a meeting with our AD, who then let us talk to all the coaches. It may not be everyone’s thing, but it never hurts to share the goal.

Also, it’s okay if people don’t respond, don’t take it personally. There are so many pressing issues in this crazy world we live in that they may have other items on the top of their agenda. It doesn’t mean that your project or their project is more or less important. At the end of the day at least you plant a seed and maybe next year they may be inclined to participate or donate. Sometimes the first step is getting it started. You can’t finish the race unless you start it!

There’s still time to build your Serve-a-thon team, or join the race and get started!