Enjoying the bright summer sun,
A Chicagoan was looking for fun.
At St. Angela’s School,
She found kids who were cool,
Making day camp a volunteering home run!

The gift of gab can be great,
For service we think it’s first rate!
No one will balk
When you volunteer at Real Talk,
And help bring clients up to date.

Warming hearts with service seems fitting,
Especially when talking about knitting!
Acrylic, wool or mohair,
Your crafting skills you can share,
While with Stitch and Serve clients you’re sitting.

On this, we’d be willing to bet,
You’d like to volunteer with your pet!
A gentle, young pup,
Can help cheer seniors up,
But, remember to stop by your vet!

You can find these volunteer opportunities and more using our online calendar!