Nonprofit agencies and schools throughout Chicago need help from socially responsible corporate partners. Unfortunately, many of these nonprofits don’t have the staff, resources or the experience to coordinate a customized volunteer event to meet their needs. At Chicago Cares, we are volunteer activation experts, we’ve been building volunteer opportunities since 1991, mobilizing more than 34,000 volunteers each year.

Our ongoing presence in the community allows Chicago Cares to identify real needs in the neighborhoods we serve and ensures that the projects we create deliver a sustainable impact. Partnering with Chicago Cares provides companies the expertise necessary for a volunteer event that will leave a true impact in the community.

Through our Corporate Volunteer Program, Chicago Cares fully develops and coordinates all aspects of a volunteer project, from the logistics of getting to and from a project site, to making sure volunteers are fed, trained and supplied with everything needed to complete a successful project, including:

  • A Completely Customized Event: Whether your objective is to strengthen your team internally, build your brand awareness externally, or meet corporate social responsibility goals; Chicago Cares will create a service event to satisfy your unique needs.
  • Professional Account Management: We will provide a formal project description that includes a timeline, task descriptions and information about the neighborhood and agency you will be serving.
  • Easy Volunteer Registration: Chicago Cares will create a registration website tailored to meet your needs. We’ll keep you informed with real-time registration updates and share useful recruiting tips to engage your staff. Please note: We request that volunteer registration officially close one full week before your service event.
  • Volunteer Leader Training: For projects of 150 volunteers or more, Chicago Cares provides leadership training for your chosen volunteers. This is an opportunity to give your corporate rising stars additional instruction on people skills and project management, allowing executives in attendance to see their strengths put into action on your day of service.
  • Event Oversight: Chicago Cares handles all aspects of your day of service; all you have to do is share the event information with your co-workers, encouraging them to register as volunteers or leaders.
  • Post Event Reporting: Chicago Cares conducts comprehensive post-event evaluation reporting to reflect impact data and collect feedback from community partners, volunteers and leaders.

Through service, your employees will learn more about the challenges facing our city. They will gain a new appreciation for the needs of individual communities and discover the positive impact that each of us can make when we volunteer our time.

Contact Megan at 312.780.0800 ext. 153 to find out more about Chicago Cares Corporate Volunteer Programs.