Meet Toyia Hemingway, your Chicago Cares Leader of the Month for July! Toyia works in sales for Moneris Solutions and has been a volunteer leader with Chicago Cares since last year, taking part in Corporate Volunteer Programs and Annual Events. We are proud to have Toyia as our July Leader of the Month.

Chicago Cares: Toyia, can you share with us how long you have been volunteering with Chicago Cares and what project you lead?

Toyia: I am not currently leading a project. I took the leader training last year and my first project was at Lambs Farm. It was so enjoyable that I wanted to do more. (Note: Toyia was most recently a leader for Serve-a-thon)

Chicago Cares: It is wonderful that you are so excited about the communities you volunteer in! What has been your motivation for your commitment to volunteering and leadership?

Toyia: I volunteer because I enjoy it. Chicago is a great city, yet some of our population needs help. None of us can do it all but if we each give back just a little, we can work to make things a better for everyone. I believe that if I can do my part, it will be a start.

Chicago Cares: What has been your favorite project to lead?

Toyia: Lambs Farm, because it was a challenge. It was very physical work on a hot day but it was exhilarating to see the results of our efforts at the end of the day.

Chicago Cares: What advice would you share with others who are interested in becoming a Corporate Volunteer Programs leader?

Toyia: Before the day of the event, become as informed as possible about your project. Read everything, ask questions and become very comfortable with your Chicago Cares Staff member. Once you get on site, talk to the site contacts. Let them get to know you and to become comfortable with you. You are there to help them but you are working with them for a common goal. If you are the project leader, you will need to be comfortable with all aspects of the project and your volunteer leaders. You will be the “go to” person so be as prepared as you can be. You will have a long day but your team will be as enthusiastic as you are, so be sure to set the right tone. Everyone will have fun if you are having fun!

Congratulations to Toyia for being July’s Leader of the Month!

If you are interested in learning more about being a leader with our Corporate Volunteer Programs like Toyia, contact Kim Thomas or call 312.780.0800 ext. 125.