Meet Sarah Evans, your August Chicago Cares Leader of the Month! Sarah works in film, television, and theater as an actor, filmmaker and writer; she has been a Chicago Cares volunteer leader since March. Sarah has been an amazing leader at Mercy Housing this year.

During one of the first projects she led at Kids Create this spring, Sarah came into the site with a great idea for making recycled plastic masks, bringing lots of fun supplies, including glitter. The next time the Chicago Cares program coordinator visited, the site contact, Whitney joked that she was still cleaning up the “glitter bomb” that the kids created in their excitement over the project! Despite the mess, Whitney was so excited to have such an enthusiastic leader with great ideas for the kids. We can’t wait for Sarah to lead Art Around the World at Mercy Housing starting in just a few weeks!

Chicago Cares: How long you have been volunteering with Chicago Cares and what project do you lead?

Sarah: I have been a volunteer leader with Chicago Cares since March of this year, I lead the Kids Create, Art Around the World and Garden Explorers at Mercy Housing!

Chicago Cares: You are really dedicated to the programs you work with at Mercy Housing! What has been your motivation for volunteering?

Sarah: I volunteer to give back to my city and because there are people who need my help — and I love being able to support my fellow Chicagoans — and also it’s fun!

Chicago Cares: What has been your favorite activity to lead?

Sarah: I think my favorite activity, which was also the funniest, was at Mercy Housing when we made mud pies (with pudding.) I kept telling the kids to get really dirty. They really went all out and got really muddy with their mud pies, adding water to the pudding, trying to be the grossest and dirtiest. Most of the kids didn’t end up eating them, because they were just too gross, but they succeeded in getting dirty that day!

Chicago Cares: If you could make one wish for the projects you lead, what would it be?

Sarah: That the kids will remember one skill I’ve taught them in art and go on to work as an artist. I’ve seen so many talented kids who make beautiful art pieces, and it would be wonderful to know that one of them had become a painter or artist of some kind.

Chicago Cares: What advice would you share with other volunteers interested in a leadership role?

Sarah: Just do it! Chicago Cares gives leaders the tools to succeed and all the programs need the assistance. Leading a program is very rewarding because you build relationships with the people you’re volunteering with and they appreciate your help!

Congratulations to Sarah for being August’s Leader of the Month! If you are interested in learning more about leading children’s programs like Sarah, contact Wendy Neuert or sign up to attend our Children’s Programs Leader Training on Saturday, August 25.