Remember back in the old days before reality TV, Twitter, and Facebook took over our lives? What did we do for fun back then? If you’re like many of us in the Annual Events department, you played a lot of Truth or Dare. We thought it would be fun to play a game of Truth or Dare with some of the staff members at Chicago Cares. Here’s your chance to hear all the crazy details of what really happens during Serve-a-thon and Celebration of Service.

Jessica Krueger, Manager, Annual Events
Truth or Dare: Truth
Question: What’s one thing you wouldn’t want people to know about Serve-a-thon?
Answer: Serve-a-thon this past year at Daley Plaza was incredible, but there was a lot of planning that went into the venue change. In fact, there was so much planning and paperwork, we didn’t receive our event permit until just two days before the event. I won’t lie, I was getting really nervous waiting for that permit!

Rich Jablonski, Coordinator, Corporate Volunteer Programs
Truth or Dare: Truth
Question: What do you do with the left over beer from Serve-a-thon?
Answer: What left over beer?! Actually, that’s the best part about being a leader for Annual Events. If you stick around long enough at the Serve-a-thon post-event party, you may walk away with a free case of beer.

Megan Germain, Manager Corporate Relations (former Annual Events Coordinator)
Truth or Dare: Truth
Question: What’s been the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you at a project?
Answer: At one of my schools, we were painting a U.S. map on the play lot, and we painted two Alaska’s. The map stencil comes with a scaled version of Alaska and a smaller version in case you don’t have enough space for the scaled version (Alaska is really BIG!). We accidentally painted both!

Jocelyn Mondragon, Coordinator, Corporate Volunteer Programs
Truth or Dare: Truth
Question: With so much painting going on during Annual Events, paint is bound to spill. What’s the worst paint spill you’ve ever seen?
Answer: During prep for Serve-a-thon, we were moving supplies in and out of the office and getting them ready to be delivered to each site. As we were rolling a cart of paint out of the lobby to our office, one of the gallons fell. As soon as it hit the ground, the lid popped off and paint started flowing everywhere. The worst part—the color was Radish Red! It took several hours and teams of staff rotating in clean-up shifts to get the carpet looking normal again. If you visit our office and look closely, you can still see the spot.

Don Arneberg, Senior Manager of Human Resources
Truth or Dare: Truth
Question: You never used to have a cell phone, but you recently decided to get one. Why?
Answer: I knew you would ask me this! After Serve-a-thon 2012, we had our event van all packed up and everyone was ready to leave. I went to my car and drove home, and when I got home I had a message on my answering machine from our Logistics Manager because I still had the van key in my pocket. The van was stuck at Daley Plaza, parked in a tow zone, and I was an hour away. I had to drive all the way back downtown to drop off the key. It was terrible! Now I have a cell phone.

We hope you enjoyed our game of Truth or Dare. Even though we all chose a truth, we hope you might choose a dare. We dare you to show you care and participate in our 2012 I Care Campaign. Donations to the I Care General Fund help the Annual Events team continue to improve the learning environments for thousands of students throughout Chicago. A donation of just $10 will purchase the soil and plants needed for a planter box, a donation of $15 will purchase all of the paint needed for a canvas mural, and a donation of $30 will purchase all of the tiles for a mosaic.

We hope you’ll take our dare and make a donation to I Care, and the next time you see one of us feel free to ask “Truth or Dare?”