This is the last blog post of the year and the gist of it is simple, so I’ll save you some time.  We are asking that you make a special gift to Chicago Cares today! You’ve probably already heard a lot about I Care in the other emails you’ve received.  In case you didn’t have an opportunity to read them all, I Care is not a hot new product from Apple, though we’d love to have that kind of exposure.  I Care is an annual appeal for donations for the projects, programs and the organization you know and love:  Chicago Cares.

If you’re reading this, chances are you have a relationship with Chicago Cares.  Maybe you’re a faithful long-time volunteer or leader.  You could be a loyal staff or board member.  Maybe you just Googled “volunteer, Chicago” and you stumbled upon our website.  No matter how you discovered this blog today, welcome!

As volunteers, we serve from the heart, but service costs time and money.  Your donation to Chicago Cares is crucial and extends to people all over the community.

When you sign up for a volunteer project with Chicago Cares, you want to help – and we make it easy.  Chicago Cares provides hundreds of books for children’s programs every week.  If you pass a school and there’s a huge map of the United States on the playground, Chicago Cares probably provided the stencil, the paint, as well as the volunteers to get the project done.  Maybe you’ve seen an overgrown, unruly garden on Friday that’s tame and beautiful on Saturday?  Often, that’s the work of Chicago Cares volunteers. We pride ourselves on living our mission – mobilizing and inspiring people to make Chicago a stronger community.  With the assistance of a robust corps of volunteers and leaders we can pull off unimaginable feats of service.  Our staff takes pride in the projects we create and manage but we cannot do it without you.

So, return that terrible sweater or that useless kitchen gadget you received just a few days ago, and pay it forward to Chicago Cares.  We want to say thank you for your hours of dedication throughout this year; our city and our fellow citizens truly appreciate it.  As the year comes to a close and you’re thinking ahead to your goals and resolutions for 2013, please consider a donation to Chicago Cares today.  It’s not too late to make a difference.

In Service,

Elise Cochran

Senior Officer, Corporate Relations