At Chicago Cares, we talk a lot about “being the change”–mobilizing and inspiring people to make a difference through service. And, collectively, our volunteers usher this change. They cook warm, healthy meals for neighborhood shelters to serve the hungry. They provide seniors with a sense of companionship and community. They keep children engaged in their education in a safe environment well past the school day. They help prepare the unemployed to reenter the workforce. In the process, they make Chicago a stronger, more vibrant community.

Our volunteers are at the heart of Chicago Cares. And while it’s great motivation for them to be the change, it’s nice when there’s an opportunity to “see the change” and bring visibility to the important work they do.

ABC-7 recently aired a story that does just this. It highlights information about the breadth of Chicago Cares’ offerings, the resulting impact and the ease of volunteer engagement and mobilization. And, in the process, it shows several of our volunteers hard at work at the Senior Diners Club at Lidia Pucinska Apartments just last week.

This is a reminder of the significant impact our volunteers make on people, programs and the community. Thank you for your service!