“As a Discover employee, [I think] it goes without saying that volunteerism is at the very core of what Discover stands for. Volunteerism is written in our values, expressed on a daily basis, and especially promoted throughout the month of September. The effort to make an impact in other people’s lives both inside and outside of the company was initially one of the many characteristics that drew me to Discover. Working in an environment where I am urged to step out of the office on a work day to help others in the community is something I truly cherish!

It means a lot to get outside of the workplace and volunteer with fellow employees. Taking time to give back is satisfying when you see the impact you can make in the lives of others. Volunteering has the ability to really put things in perspective and help us all realize how fortunate we are to lead the lives we live. Not only is it wonderful to help those in need, but at a company this large, volunteering together also serves as a great way to meet new people and learn about the business.

In early September, during Discover Cares Month,  I participated in my second project with Chicago Cares and I was again blown away by how they managed a group of 200 people at One Hope United’s large campus. Everything from breakfast to clean up was taken care of and scheduled. Even with our substantial group, everyone was assigned a task and had a trained task leader from Discover. We had groups constructing cubbies and benches, repainting basketball court lines, creating murals, [doing] demolition, administrative work, and landscaping. Chicago Cares did a wonderful job of setting us up with projects that, by the end of the day, made apparent the impact that we had made.”

Sydney Sherman, is OLP, Strategy and Analysis for Discover

Discover employees creating a basketball court
Discover employees creating a basketball court