In 1991, Chicago Cares sparked a movement. Since then, we’ve mobilized 500,000 volunteers. We’ve offered meaningful programming that has supported hundreds of thousands of Chicagoans in need.

Chicago Cares is the only nonprofit that comprehensively addresses our city’s critical needs through service — across issue areas, across communities and across demographics. And you are key to this equation. You’ve mentored, you’ve tutored, you’ve shared a meal … you’ve brought hope to the lives of our neighbors and strength to our communities.

Together with Chicago Cares, you’re part of this movement — a lifelong, community-wide effort that’s critical to the future of our city. The effects of our service go well beyond the days we volunteer. And the potential to build on this movement is endless.

You are agents of change. You selflessly give of your time, and now we hope that you’ll give financially. Without your support, Chicago Cares would not be in a position to offer 250 meaningful volunteer opportunities per month. We would not be able to educate and empower our vast volunteer base.

I hope you will consider making a donation of $20 to Chicago Cares. When we all contribute, we can achieve great things together. Donate today.

Thank you and happy holidays!

Jenné Myers
Executive Director
Chicago Cares