Volunteerism changes people—those served but also those who serve. Volunteering makes each of us better informed and more civically engaged. It makes us stronger leaders when we’re able to apply skills we learn on projects to other aspects of our lives. Service changes our city but it also changes us. When we serve we learn.

Chicago Cares is committed to offering you a meaningful volunteer experience, developing you into the best volunteer—and leader—you can be. I hope you will consider making a donation to Chicago Cares so that we can continue to offer meaningful education, engagement and programming. Donate today.

At Chicago Cares, we believe volunteering is the answer. Not just for our communities and those we serve, but also for you—our volunteers who selflessly give of your time, energy and passion. You are the answer. Together, we are the solution.

Thank you and happy New Year!

Jenné Myers
Executive Director
Chicago Cares