Leading up to Serve-a-thon, Chicago Cares will publish a blog series called “Three Questions With ….” As part of this series, we will celebrate the diverse and dynamic voices of those who are making a difference inside and outside of our city. Throughout the series, we hope that you will chime in with your thoughts as well by answering a simple question: What does Chicago mean to you? Tell us with the hasthtag #MyChi through words, photos, and videos on social media!

Today, we are excited to feature reflections from Jason Erkes, President of Chicago Sport & Social Club. Jason knows all about mobilizing a community, and we’re thrilled to have him serve as a team captain at Serve-a-thon on June 7! Interested in volunteering side by side with Jason? Sign up as a general volunteer and join his team today! 


1) At Chicago Cares, we often say volunteering is not a spectator sport. Do you agree?

The sidelines are not the place to be when using the word “volunteer.” It’s important for people to roll up their sleeves and give back in any way they can. Volunteering doesn’t have to be something physical or something that has a huge time commitment; it can be something as simple as helping a child with their homework after school or as complex as organizing a million-dollar fundraiser, both having a huge impact.

2) From your perspective, beyond giving back, what are the benefits of volunteering with others?

Volunteering is a great way to support your community and meet new people. Many people volunteer when they move to a new city or neighborhood in an effort to build some community relationships while helping make a difference.

3) What does Chicago look like to you? Feel free to share thoughts on Chicago’s personality, opportunities and/or challenges.

Chicago is a place that I am proud to call home! Its beautiful skyline and green parks connect the hundreds of different personalities known in Chicago as neighborhoods. From burritos to brats and burgers to deep dish—the food, culture, and diversity make it seem like many places all meshed together as one. And when you’re talking sports … there is no greater place in the world that comes out to play and supports its teams, win or lose, season after season.