In honor of Serve-a-thon, Chicago Cares is proud to share stories from the who’s who of our volunteers, philanthropists, and prominent Chicagoans in a series called “Three Questions With ….” We’re celebrating the diverse and dynamic voices that make a difference in our city and are inviting all to be part of the conversation! Please continue to share what Chicago means to you through tweets, pictures, videos, and more using hashtag #MyChi.

Today, we’re happy to feature reflections from another Serve-a-thon volunteer leader! In addition to managing a team of volunteers June 7, Sulynne Goetz leads our Hilliard Reading Connection program on an ongoing basis.

Sulynne Goetz

1) What inspires you most when you volunteer?

The kids [at Hilliard] inspire me. Seeing the enjoyment they get from the program and knowing it’s helping them.

2) What’s the most surprising thing that’s come from volunteering?

Personally, it’s learning how much I like working with children. I’m thinking about changing my major to Early Childhood Education. Generally, leading is about learning how to go with the flow and to become adaptable.

3) What does Chicago look like to you? Feel free to share thoughts on Chicago’s personality, opportunities, and/or challenges.

Chicago is a diverse, culturally rich city with a beautiful skyline. I’ve lived here my entire life and I’ve just begun to see this. Summer and fall are the best seasons. I only wish our neighborhoods were more integrated like other cities; hopefully in time.