Leslie Bluhm
Leslie Bluhm (Photo 2014EricYoungSmith/SmittyImage.com)

I think people often feel isolated in their own communities. But as soon as we get out there and start working together on a common project, we all realize we have the same hopes and dreams for our city. We all need to help each other.”

– Leslie Bluhm, Chicago Cares Co-founder, as told to Chicago Sun-Times Splash


When Leslie Bluhm co-founded Chicago Cares more than 23 years ago, she dreamed of unifying our city. She dreamed of creating a community of lifelong volunteers. And she dreamed of creating a service platform.

Chicago Cares began as an idea 23 years ago and has evolved into a movement. We’re so fortunate to have such an inspiring, visionary person as our co-founder and board member, and are thrilled that she’s been featured in Chicago Sun-Times Splash.

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