1 Day. 5,000 people. To change a city.

This June 25th, 5,000 volunteers will roll up their sleeves to make a huge impact in just one day at Serve-a-thon, Chicago Cares’ largest fundraiser and the city’s largest day of volunteering.

On this one day, volunteers will breathe new life into public spaces, elevate learning environments and foster community among seniors. This is a space where you can come together with friends to work on something great, and meet new people along the way.  We will all be breaking down barriers as well as meeting critical needs in every corner of the city.

Why volunteer?

We volunteer because we’re getting the short-term work done – the meal cooked, the wall painted, the park cleaned- and we’re setting our city on a path to long-term change. When we volunteer, we’re inspired to see that we can tackle the challenges that face our city when we work together.

For more information please visit the Serve-a-thon site and register now to be a part of the largest day of volunteering in Chicago!