At Chicago Cares, we help hundreds of companies get their employees volunteering every year, whether it’s at Serve-a-thon or a custom volunteer day. So we know that a lot goes into making a successful volunteer event – from finding a partnership that will make big community impact, to making sure the volunteers are well-fed!

This week, Chicago Tribune’s Blue Sky Innovation interviewed our CEO Jenné Myers on how resource-strapped startups can volunteer. Step one? Find an internal cheerleader, she said.

“Who’s going to rally the troops? … Who’s going to be the one to communicate to them what we’re doing and why?” Myers said. “That person also needs to be the lead person to work with that community-based organization to make sure that this project is organized, completed and all the details are thought of.”

Read the whole article on the Chicago Tribune website. And if you’re interested in planning a corporate volunteer day, we can handle all the details. Reach out to us at development[at] to learn more.